Put the Fun in NonProfit Fundraising: Office Edition

Fundraising is an integral part of the nonprofit sector, and the demand for new and innovative ways to get funding is ongoing. It’s quite a challenge to come up with new and interesting ideas that are both universally accessible and lucrative, so I wanted to do a small series on some tried and true fundraising methods for some of the industries that I’ve worked in. This month, I’ll focus on simple things that an office can do to raise money for the cause(s) they support.


Recycling Collection

If your workplace is looking to raise money for an environmental cause, holding a recycling collection can be an excellent “themed” fundraising activity.  It’s benefits are two-fold as it raises awareness for recycling in addition to the actual raising of funds. This idea only works in areas where there is a cash reward for exchanging recyclable items. If you are in an area that does a cash reward, then you are in luck. Create a fun, decorated space in the office where recyclables can be brought. Ask office employees to round up cans, bottles, etc from their homes and the homes of their family and friends and have a final cut off date that people can be reminded of. If possible, open the drive up to the community and advertise the collection to the public as well. At the end of the drive, you will be able to exchange your goods for cash and donate that money to the cause of your choice.


Inter-Office Competition

This is a great way to get employees involved and excited about an office activity; everyone loves a little friendly competition. Determine the time frame over which the fundraiser will take place, and the cause that the office will be “fighting” for. Divide the office up into teams; decide if you want to have the competition be departmental or if there should be a mixing of departments to shake things up. When teams are set, let them run free. The fun thing about this kind of fundraising is that the teams can determine what they want to do. Let them battle it out, and keep track of their progress through any number of the crowdsourcing websites available .