The Best Ways To Give Back During the Holidays


There is no better time to start giving back to your community than the beginning of the holiday season. Often times, during the holidays, local organizations and nonprofits will host special fundraisers for charities and people in the area.

The Ronald McDonald House is one of many organizations you can donate to this season. They provide children who have fallen under a serious illness and their families a home away from home to lessen the burden during a difficult time. Last year the Kansas City RMDH aided over 4,500 families in need, serving 87 families at once. While you can always donate money to help the cause, there are also ways to volunteer and provide meals for the families; what better time to support children in need than during the holidays?

Another way one can give back during the holidays is by sponsoring a family through Here you can help a struggling family put food on the table for the season or give a child a gift for their special holiday. Often times your local school or religious center will have a food pantry and gifting fundraiser to help out the people in your community.

Volunteering at an assisted living home for seniors is often an overlooked charity. More than 50% of seniors never receive visitors, so why not spend some time at a nursing home? Get involved with some activities, or even simpler, get involved in a conversation with a resident. You’d be surprise how far a conversation or perhaps a card game can go in boosting their spirits.

There are so many options for anyone looking to give back during the holidays. While you may not have the means to support an organization financially, you can always find volunteer work. For more great ideas on giving back during the holiday season visit